OFFICIAL NAME: Falkland Islands
CAPITAL: Port Stanley
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: British Dependent Territory
AREA: 12,170 Sq Km (4,698 Sq Mi)

Direct Link to Political MapDirect Link to Physical MapLOCATION AND GEOGRAPHY: The Falkland Islands are located to the northeast of Cape Horn and consist of two main islands, East and West Falkland as well as around 200 small islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. The islands are rocky and hilly with boggy undulating plains. The coastline is deeply indented providing good harbors and the country's highest point is Mt. Usborne at 705 metres (2,113 feet). There are numerous small streams and lakes throughout the islands.

CLIMATE: The Falkland Islands has a cold climate characterized by strong winds, particularly in the spring. Approximately half of the year, around 180 days experiences rainfall and the average annual precipitation is 635 mm (25 inches), although it is fairly evenly distributed. Average annual temperature ranges are from 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) in January to 2 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit) in July.

PEOPLE: The population is almost entirely made up of people of British descent.

RELIGIONS: Mostly Christians of the Roman Catholic, United Free and Anglican Churches.

LANGUAGES: The official language is English which is spoken by the entire population.

MODERN HISTORY - WWII TO 1990: During 1965 a dispute over the lease back arrangements of the islands to Argentina occurred. Argentina pursued the claim more actively and in April 1982 the Argentine forces invaded and occupied the islands. In response, Britain dispatched a Task Force which arrived in late April 1982. On May 2, the Argentine battle cruiser "General Belgrano" was sunk. The British also landed troops on East Falkland on May 21 and drove back the Argentine forces. On Midnight 1415 June, 1982 Argentina surrendered. Following this, a formal ending of hostilities between Britain and Argentina was declared in Oct. 1989 and in Feb. 1990 the restoration of full diplomatic relations took place.

CURRENCY: The official currency is the Falkland Pound divided into 100 Pence.

MAIN TRADING PARTNERS: Its main trading partner is the UK.


MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Falkland Islands Trading Company, Wool Production.

MAIN EXPORTS: Coins, Stamps, Wool.

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