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ImageAds trigger impulsive buying...

Pictures and images used in advertisements are powerful enough to trigger the mind to impulsive buying. ImageAds are a visual representation of the products and services that businesses use to sell to their consumers. With the right picture, you can trigger the impulsiveness of visitors on a website.

ImageAds have long been used by businesses as a visual representation of the goods and services they sell. Televisions, magazines, newspapers, and the internet all use picture advertisements in order to trigger our minds to impulsive buying. Pictures make the advertisement attractive and exciting for consumers to desire them.

However, virtually all image advertising on Atlapedia Online is dynamically generated i.e. the advertisements will automatically rotate and be displayed randomly. Whilst some advertisers prefer this methodology to advertise their products and services across a wide target audience and numerous websites, there are also many advertisers who prefer to target an audience and user-base of a specific website target demographic. Such advertisers prefer to have a permanent static advertisement on certain pages that they choose which may better suit their target demographic needs.


To this end, we have now availed two (2) static site-wide adverts. These are available* for a flat monthly fee with a minimum contract period of 3 months. All advertisements need to be either a jpeg/jpg, png or gif file in 160x120 pixel format or 120x160 pixel format, and hosted on your own server or website for inline linking into our pages.


Pricing for a single site-wide advert is currently USD $400 per month. Given that Atlapedia has near 350 pages this equates to as little over $1 per page per month.

Advertising pricing on specific site pages varies depending on the page. We also have country and/or map specific page adverts available for as little as USD $120 per year!

Payment Method

Payment is via PAYPAL only. Australian based businesses are subject to 10% GST on all invoices.

........ to order or inquire about advertising please contact us
using the Feedback button located at the bottom of this page.
We will reply to you within 3 working days.


* We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we in our sole discretion deem inappropriate. We also do not allow any of the following advertisements.
  • Audio: ads that play audio automatically without user interaction, including audio from streaming movies and Flash animations.

  • Casino: ads featuring casinos, casino products or any other form of gambling.

  • Provocative: ads featuring revealing clothing and excessively suggestive or sexual images.

  • Extreme Animation: flashing or blinking images not contained to 10 percent or less of the ad space (Note: we will not accept flashing or blinking animations that have a frame delay of less than 1/10 of a second).

  • Dating Services: ads featuring online dating services or personal ads content.

  • Political/Controversial: ads featuring political candidates, organizations or initiatives, as well as controversial issues such as abortion rights, religion, alternative lifestyles and other "hot button" issues.

  • Expandable Creative/Take Over (DHTML): ads that expand or change shape outside of the default ad size and ads that "float" on the web page.

  • Video: ads with streaming video that plays automatically or is user initiated.

  • Multiple Advertisers: ads that rotate or contain more than one advertiser.

  • Interactive Content: ads that interact with the user without requiring a "click" this typically comes in the form of mouse-overs.

Any such advertisement found on Atlapedia Online will be removed immediately.


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